My friends will tell you - i thrive on working in teams. Everyone has different strengths and skills and I firmly believe great things happen when people unite. 

For me, it was a dream come true when Matt & I naturally fell into a teaching & training pair. But beyond that, he has become an intrinsic part of my life & happiness. And it is this joy of Acroyoga, friendship, play & love, that we share with you when we come together to teach. Find us at festivals, workshops & events. 

This partnership inspired me to further put a team together to support my local classes. In my experience, AcroYoga classes has the most diverse levels of students. I made it my commitment to ensure that every student who comes is included in a way that serves where they are in their practice. 


I feel so lucky that these amazing and dedicated practitioners have agreed to be a part of this team, with the same vision to make this happen. 

So where ever you are in your practice, you will be supported, including if it is your first class ever.


Come and meet us! 

Teaching & Training Partners
Matt Hernandez-Green 
Chris Tripp
Surrey Team
Tim Asworth - Vancity Acroyoga Teacher
Donna Boddie - Coach
Chris Tripp - Coach
Sandra Cooper - Coach