Kiran & Julee

9th February 2020

3-6pm Guildford County School

Pops are a dynamic way to transition from one posture to another by losing points of contact. 
Whips are tricks where the flyer whips around a point of contact..The flyer falls and recovers in a dynamic sweeping motion..
These intermediate tricks are a fun way to add another layer of skill into your practice.

If you have ever met Kiran, you will remember him as the smiley one who lifts everyone. He is known for his generosity with his time and is always happy to skill share and teach. Those of you who met him in Guildford in November, I'm sure will agree with this! He is back in Feb and we are going to continue where we left off!


Level up Part 2 

This just means, levelling up from wherever you are in your practice. So yes, YOU are invited too.


Our plan is to re cap what we did, introduce more pops and maybe an icarian trick or two & if the group is ready, we will squeeze in a couple of whips too. The prep steps are suitable for all levels so you can participate safely.


We will also be introducing some standing acro..

think Titanic and then take it higher if you're feeling the love.

Email me to book your spot!